Remote Hospital Network Aids Healthcare Reform in China

In a groundbreaking effort, China Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc. has just introduced the first Remote Hospital Network platform in Zhejiang Province. The China based pharmacy and retail store believes this addition to their services will allow greater access to prescription medications while also encouraging competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

What is a Remote Hospital Network?

Essentially, when patrons step into a China Jo-Jo Drugstores location, they will be able to access a virtual network of physicians. The goal is for them to receive a consultation and diagnosis onsite and then immediately have any applicable prescriptions filled at the store’s pharmacy. The Remote Hospital Network aims to treat people seeking medical assistance for non-life threatening illnesses and conditions requiring long-term maintenance medications.

Currently, China Jo-Jo Drugstores is working on securing exclusivity of their virtual hospital concept in Zhejiang Province. They are also in the process of partnering with accredited hospitals in the area. That way, the Remote Hospital Network would be guaranteed to always have physicians on-call to assist with incoming patients at China Jo-Jo Drugstore locations. Partner hospitals will have an opportunity to share in the profits of the enterprise with China Jo-Jo Drugstores.

How Does the Remote Hospital Network Support Healthcare Reform in China?

One of the goals of healthcare reform in China is to increase private sector healthcare delivery and improve resources at public facilities. With China Jo-Jo Drugstores offering onsite appointments with virtual physicians, fewer patients will have to be seen at public hospitals. This will help to ease the current access problems at public hospitals and improve patient access to prescriptions.

Additionally, China Jo-Jo Drugstores believes that their ability to fill more prescriptions will consequently bring down the overall cost of medications. Currently, government dispensaries fill 90% of the prescriptions in China. With private pharmacies in the market, this will hopefully increase supply and force further price reductions.

Many people who live outside major cities in Zhejiang Province have limited access to medical care and prescription drugs. With China Jo-Jo Drugstores offering their Remote Hospital Network in the majority of their 59 locations, medical care may no longer be out of reach for this part of the population.

The innovation shown by China Jo-Jo Drugstores is a strong indicator that new and innovative healthcare reforms are taking place in China. By offering onsite virtual medical care and subsequent medication dispensing, more people will be able to get the prescriptions they need to maintain their health while freeing up resources at government hospitals.

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