Asia Healthcare – The Opportunity

With a population well in excess of 2 billion, Asia has seen demand for high quality healthcare services grow exponentially. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, it is estimated that healthcare spending will average 6.6 of GDP in Asia and is expected to rise at an average of 7.1% annually through 2017. In a 2014 report from Deloitte, healthcare spending in China is expected to reach $890 billion annually by 2017 and by 2020, 12.40% of the population will be aged 65 or older. Due to these aging populations, an increase in chronic diseases, improvements in wages and a focus on health, more individuals are seeking healthcare delivery based upon “best in class” standards which, in most cases, comes from the United States and Europe. We have arrived at a unique point in time where medical knowledge, processes and technology in the West are part of the solutions for the healthcare crisis that is facing Asia.

As we progress through the new millennium, many hospitals in Asia are looking to dramatically raise the quality of their medical departments. Programs in numerous specialties including cancer, diabetes, orthopedics, pulmonology and cardiology are in strong demand. We at Pacific Century Ventures can assist Asian hospitals in having their programs meet “best-in-class” standards where they will be recognized as leaders both in their country and worldwide.

And for hospitals in the U.S. and Europe, there are numerous growth opportunities in Asia. Whether you are looking for a joint venture with a domestic Asian facility or are seeking to open a wholly owned facility, Pacific Century Ventures can assist you in planning the project, finding the right local partner and overseeing its implementation.

Joint Ventures for Chinese Hospitals
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