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Why Western Hospitals Are Expanding to China

I just returned from a trip to China where I spent several days visiting numerous hospitals around the country. The experience was eye opening in many ways, but one thing that really stuck out was the increasing number of joint ventures between Western and Chinese hospitals. So I thought it might be a good idea to give a primer on why this is happening. There are many benefits from joint ventures between Western and Chinese hospitals, although they don’t come without challenges. ... Read more

China’s Healthcare Reform Increases Coverage of Critical Illnesses

In my recent two-week trip to China, I visited several hospitals and one of the main topics discussed was the evolution of healthcare reform in China. Since 2009, China has been working on reforming their healthcare system, and even though they have spent 3 trillion yuan ($483 billion U.S dollars), they are still running into considerable problems due to overworked doctors, cramped facilities and limited insurance coverage. To help combat these issues, China’s Ministry of Health has put into place new ... Read more
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