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Remote Hospital Network Aids Healthcare Reform in China

In a groundbreaking effort, China Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc. has just introduced the first Remote Hospital Network platform in Zhejiang Province. The China based pharmacy and retail store believes this addition to their services will allow greater access to prescription medications while also encouraging competition in the pharmaceutical industry. What is a Remote Hospital Network? Essentially, when patrons step into a China Jo-Jo Drugstores location, they will be able to access a virtual network of physicians. The goal is for them to receive a ... Read more

New Advertising Law in China Combats Medical Ad Scams

On September 1, 2015, China revised its Advertising Law. According to China Briefing, it was the first time the government had amended the law in two decades and the changes will have a significant impact on advertising in the healthcare arena. Medical Ad Scams Revealed Unethical advertising in China was brought to the forefront in 2014 when the State Food and Drug Administration revealed that at least 18 different medical device manufacturers were blacklisted for their false advertsing practices. These manufacturers were caught ... Read more

5 Japanese Healthcare Startups Worth Noting

Every year, the medical industry gathers to participate in a global conference called Health 2.0. The purpose of the conference is to introduce the global medical community to the newest technology inventions that will improve patient care. At the most recent conference held in Tokyo, five Japanese healthcare startups received honors for their most recent innovations: Clintal Many people who desperately need medical attention avoid it because they are dissatisfied with the prior healthcare services they received, including the doctors’ treatment plans and ... Read more

How International Ventures Can Keep Healthcare in China

According to the International Business Times, Chinese patients are traveling to American hospitals—especially those in Washington, California and Oregon—at a record pace. While the exact numbers are not clear, China Daily reports that at least 3,000 Chinese nationals told Shanghai Customs that they were going to the United States for medical reasons in 2013. However, the actual figure is likely much higher because many people seek medical care in the U.S. without declaring it to customs officials. So why are Chinese ... Read more

Electronic Health Records in China Provide Opportunities for International Healthcare Ventures

According to Clinical Leader, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are now in use in over 80 percent of developed markets and they are quickly becoming commonplace in China as well. EHRs are beneficial for the patients, doctors and healthcare facilities because they improve workflow, reduce errors, assist with patient recruitment and cut back on the amount of time physicians have to spend on paperwork. Moreover, as in other countries, EHRs in China are being used during clinical trials for data compilation. The History ... Read more

How Guangdong Province is Leading the Way for Private Hospital Ventures in China

  According to New Express, the province of Guangdong has been in the process of employing several new policies to promote the growth of the private healthcare sector in China. These measures have been implemented over the past six years and are crucial to meet the future healthcare needs of an increasing elderly population and an expected baby boom which will result from the newly announced two-child policy. Guangzhou, located in Guangdong province, is the first city to implement these measures, which include ... Read more

The Growing Trend of Chinese & Western Medicine Integration

Although they employ vastly different strategies, Chinese and Western medical practitioners share common goals – to treat the health and well-being of patients. As we have moved into the new millennium, both Chinese and Western hospitals have made it a priority to integrate the best practices of both approaches. Early Beginnings Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China and evolved over thousands of years. TCM is based on the idea that the body’s vital energy (called chi) circulates through channels. These ... Read more

Japan’s Health Insurance System: Interesting Comparisons to the Affordable Care Act

The life expectancy of the average Japanese individual is 84 years, according to The Diplomat, which makes Japan a leader in population longevity (for comparison, the U.S.A.’s is 78.5 years). Apparently, the Japanese are clearly doing something right. While some say it’s their diet or lifestyle, most experts believe that Japan’s universal health insurance system deserves some of the credit. A Summary of the Health Insurance System in Japan For starters, the health insurance system in Japan is mandatory and regulated by the ... Read more

Accelerated Private Healthcare Growth to Benefit Joint Ventures in China

On my latest visit to China, it was clear that healthcare spending is rapidly increasing. In fact, Persistence Market Research found that China is going to be one of the private healthcare markets to show the most growth in the world over the next five years, creating an ideal situation for joint ventures in China. To get even more specific, experts are predicting the healthcare industry in China will reach an impressive one trillion dollars by 2020—and the private segment of the ... Read more

China’s Healthcare Reform to Include Liability Insurance and Mediation Services

As I discovered during my recent trip to China to explore international ventures, the country is very excited about the new healthcare reform that began this year. The five-year reform roadmap is extremely comprehensive and is set to improve many aspects of the current healthcare system, such as adding critical illness coverage and improving the infrastructure of hospitals. However, this article will focus on the plan to reduce a hospital’s operating costs by implementing liability insurance for physicians and offering mediation ... Read more
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