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New Advertising Law in China Combats Medical Ad Scams

On September 1, 2015, China revised its Advertising Law. According to China Briefing, it was the first time the government had amended the law in two decades and the changes will have a significant impact on advertising in the healthcare arena. Medical Ad Scams Revealed Unethical advertising in China was brought to the forefront in 2014 when the State Food and Drug Administration revealed that at least 18 different medical device manufacturers were blacklisted for their false advertsing practices. These manufacturers were caught ... Read more

5 Japanese Healthcare Startups Worth Noting

Every year, the medical industry gathers to participate in a global conference called Health 2.0. The purpose of the conference is to introduce the global medical community to the newest technology inventions that will improve patient care. At the most recent conference held in Tokyo, five Japanese healthcare startups received honors for their most recent innovations: Clintal Many people who desperately need medical attention avoid it because they are dissatisfied with the prior healthcare services they received, including the doctors’ treatment plans and ... Read more
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