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How International Ventures Can Keep Healthcare in China

According to the International Business Times, Chinese patients are traveling to American hospitals—especially those in Washington, California and Oregon—at a record pace. While the exact numbers are not clear, China Daily reports that at least 3,000 Chinese nationals told Shanghai Customs that they were going to the United States for medical reasons in 2013. However, the actual figure is likely much higher because many people seek medical care in the U.S. without declaring it to customs officials. So why are Chinese ... Read more

Electronic Health Records in China Provide Opportunities for International Healthcare Ventures

According to Clinical Leader, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are now in use in over 80 percent of developed markets and they are quickly becoming commonplace in China as well. EHRs are beneficial for the patients, doctors and healthcare facilities because they improve workflow, reduce errors, assist with patient recruitment and cut back on the amount of time physicians have to spend on paperwork. Moreover, as in other countries, EHRs in China are being used during clinical trials for data compilation. The History ... Read more
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