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How Guangdong Province is Leading the Way for Private Hospital Ventures in China

  According to New Express, the province of Guangdong has been in the process of employing several new policies to promote the growth of the private healthcare sector in China. These measures have been implemented over the past six years and are crucial to meet the future healthcare needs of an increasing elderly population and an expected baby boom which will result from the newly announced two-child policy. Guangzhou, located in Guangdong province, is the first city to implement these measures, which include ... Read more

The Growing Trend of Chinese & Western Medicine Integration

Although they employ vastly different strategies, Chinese and Western medical practitioners share common goals – to treat the health and well-being of patients. As we have moved into the new millennium, both Chinese and Western hospitals have made it a priority to integrate the best practices of both approaches. Early Beginnings Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China and evolved over thousands of years. TCM is based on the idea that the body’s vital energy (called chi) circulates through channels. These ... Read more

Japan’s Health Insurance System: Interesting Comparisons to the Affordable Care Act

The life expectancy of the average Japanese individual is 84 years, according to The Diplomat, which makes Japan a leader in population longevity (for comparison, the U.S.A.’s is 78.5 years). Apparently, the Japanese are clearly doing something right. While some say it’s their diet or lifestyle, most experts believe that Japan’s universal health insurance system deserves some of the credit. A Summary of the Health Insurance System in Japan For starters, the health insurance system in Japan is mandatory and regulated by the ... Read more
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